A Third of Us: What It Takes to Reach the Unreached


A Great Need Requires a Great Response 

Today, over three billion people, a third of humanity, have yet to hear the good news of Jesus. They have no opportunity to believe in him as their Savior and find peace with God through him. Of all the injustices in the world—and there are many that are quite distressing—this is the worst, because of the eternal consequences. A third of anything is significant—especially this third. 

In light of this staggering need, Marv Newell explores the five Great Commission passages, where Jesus methodically unfolds the essence of the disciples’ task. A Third of Us is not just an invitation to be aware of the need, but a rally cry for today’s disciples to respond. Writing to the whole body of Christ, Newell casts a vision for multiple ways to get involved in reaching the unreached.  

When finishing the task set by our Savior feels overwhelming, this practical and inspiring book points us back to Jesus’ words with hope. So. . . are you ready to reach A Third of Us?

This course is based on Dr. Marvin Newell's book A Third of Us: What It Takes to Reach The Unreached. Dr. Newell has spent over forty years engaged in Christian missions, holding various leadership positions and writing mission-related books. He is currently the executive director of the Alliance for the Unreached/A Third of Us. 

This course is made possible through a collaboration between the Alliance for the Unreached and RadiXtraining.org, and it has been formatted as a self-paced course.  


This course is available all year in a self-paced mode.


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