5 Levels of Leadership


"5 Levels of Leadership" is a transformative 10-week course tailored for leaders across all organizational tiers. Rooted in Christian principles and exemplified by Jesus' leadership, this program explores five essential dimensions of effective leadership:

  1. Position

  2. Permission

  3. Production

  4. People Development

  5. Pinnacle

Through practical exercises, case studies, and biblical insights, participants will develop a comprehensive leadership approach. This course equips CEOs, directors, managers, and aspiring leaders with the tools to lead with purpose, compassion, and impact. By mastering these five levels, leaders will enhance their effectiveness, foster team growth, and drive organizational success while staying true to their values.

This course is made possible through a collaboration between The Serving Leader Institute, Gobal Disciples and RadiXtraining.org, and it is facilitated by coach Jeremy Janzen.


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This course will be available in the spring of 2025...


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